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    Welcome to CoDEC

    Locally based dynamic and innovative centres of global learning.

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Consortium of Development Education Centres

DECs are locally based dynamic and innovative centres of global learning.

CoDEC brings together independent, not-for-profit organisations that support and deliver global learning in schools and communities across England.

These development education centres (DECs) help people of all ages learn about the world around them and further afield, building the key idea of interdependence. Learners are supported to acquire core dispositions towards themselves, others and the environment; understanding of concepts such as identity, diversity, fairness, conflict and sustainability; and a range of relevant skills relating to:

  • self-awareness
  • communication and empathy
  • conflict resolution and collaboration
  • critical and creative thinking
  • taking action

The need for high-quality global learning in schools and communities has never been more critical. 

In response, CoDEC has updated its well-established Global Teachers Award. This is a nationally validated training course, delivered by local DECs (CoDEC ensures the quality of this provision), that helps teachers navigate the wide range of global learning resources and support available. 

In addition, each DEC promotes and supports best practice in global learning in their area through CPD training, whole-school initiatives, advice and access to resources for sale and for loan. They define their own areas of work in response to local needs and enquiries. DECs work with schools, teachers, local authorities, youth and community groups, universities, volunteers, and adult learners.

DEC services aim to lighten the workload and increase the knowledge and understanding of those they support by providing:

  • Learning programmes for schools
  • CPD training and workshops
  • Community outreach and education
  • Youth work programmes
  • Resource libraries
  • Talks and lessons
  • Support and advice
  • Teaching ideas

Global Teachers Award: Fully funded places are available

The national Global Teachers Award (GTA) is available to teachers in state-funded nursery, primary, special and secondary schools across the country through CoDEC, funded by the British Council. If you wish to check your eligibility, please contact us

The course promotes skills, confidence and practical approaches to incorporate global learning into the curriculum, and active global citizenship into schools. Find out more about the course here.

We will be continually adding dates for GTA courses held around the country, so please keep checking here for ones that suit you

The course can also be offered as whole school training - click here to register your school's interest.


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